Why is it important to have travel vaccines? and where to find Travel Clinic in Harlesden & Willesden area?

If you traveling abroad, especially to new and exotic places like Africa, Asia and South America, make sure to plan ahead and get travel health advice well in advance of your journey as some travel vaccines can take up to 8 weeks to become effective. Chana Chemist branches in Harlesden, Willesden, Wembley and other parts of London offer a comprehensive travel clinic service with walk in and same day appointments, helping travellers like you to stay safe and protected from serious diseases found

Where to get Hajj and Umrah Vaccination for 2019 in Harlesden and Willesden area

If you are going on Hajj or Umrah Pilgrimage, you need to get the required vaccination and obtain a certificate for it. Chana Chemist branches in Harlesden and Willesden area offer complete vaccination with certificate for Hajj and Umrah. Have you decided to make the journey of your life time, to perform the Hajj or Umrah? If your answer is yes or you are planning to go for the pilgrimage in the future, then read this important article.  As with any other holidays or trips,

Help with Stop Smoking in Harlesden & Willesden Area

According to latest Studies, you’re four times more likely to stop smoking with professional help. If you are looking to quit smoking in Harlesden, Willesden or any other area in London, Chana Chemist branches offer Expert advice and treatments that will aid you in giving up smoking. What to expect in this Blog Post? In this post, we discuss the harmful effects of smoking, why it is hard to stop smoking, how to quit smoking, various ways to quit smoking, where to

Yellow Fever Vaccination in Harlesden and Willesden area

What is yellow fever? Yellow fever is a disease that is spread through mosquito bites and is caused by a virus. In some people it can develop into serious illness and may even cause death. Yellow fever is found only in parts of Central and South America and Sub-Saharan Africa and parts of the Caribbean. Yellow fever vaccinations can only be given at designated centres and Chana Chemist in Harlesden is a designated yellow fever centre. Call the team today on 020 8961 4525 or

Morning After Pill in Harlesden & Willesden

If you had unprotected sex and worried about getting pregnant or concerned about your usual contraception might have failed and looking for Emergency contraceptive pill commonly called morning after pill, you can get help at Chana Chemist. The pharmacist will carry out a quick assessment in order to establish which treatment is suitable for you. What to expect in this article! Here we are looking into what morning after pill is, types of morning after pill, how it functions, how

Flu Jabs in Harlesden and Willesden. Why is it important to have flu jabs?

Where can you get your flu jabs in Harlesden & Willesden? Your local pharmacy and your GP are the two most convenient places to get your flu jabs. Chana Chemist in Harlesden, Willesden and other parts of London offers walk in flu jabs service, meaning there is no need for an appointment. Chana Chemist branches offer free flu jabs service and also private flu jabs if you are not eligible for the NHS flu jab service.   What is flu? Flu also known as